“When I met Amanda, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I felt stuck and like I was repeating the same bad habits over and over again, expecting different results. Amanda took the time to really get to know and understand me, and took several different approaches and exercises to help me truly understand myself and what I want out of specific situations in my life much deeper. She has helped me realize what I want to do as a career, and most importantly why! She has given me the tools to strengthen my communication skills, as well as learn how to effectively communicate with other people who may be very poor communicators themselves. She is the absolute best listener, coach, motivator, confidant, and teacher I could ever ask for, all wrapped into one! I feel like every aspect of my life has really prospered and developed so positively over my time working with her. I can talk to her about anything at all with absolutely no judgment, and I always walk away feeling so good like I can take on anything this crazy world throws at me. I feel like now I can think from other perspectives that I had not even known about until working with Amanda. She is such a phenomenal person with a true gift and I am so lucky and grateful to be learning all I can from her! “

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Amanda Thibert

“I am a 50 year old working mother. When I met Amanda I was just coming off a surgery. I was in a unique place where I had time to think about where I was in my life. Things were very hectic - trying to balance my work, my family, my relationship with my husband, and time for myself. The interesting thing was that although I was frenzied I didn’t really know any other way. I just spent each day trudging through. I was tired and stressed and my energy (or lack thereof) was affecting the household.

One of our first exercises was to figure out where my time was going. How enlightening! I discovered that I spent far too much time on things that really weren’t crucial and the time I had left for myself and my family was last on the list and often nonexistent. After setting 90 day goals we began the work of changing my perspective and my energy which helped to change my environment. I started to make 30 minutes for myself during the day and I realized I could be so much more productive and so much more relaxed. My energy and my attitude changed the way my whole family worked together. Amanda coached me through making relatively small changes which led to large payoffs in a more relaxed and harmonious home and work life. People around me could see a noticeable change.

Working with Amanda allows me to be more present with myself and my family. I have learned to find the positive and to recognize the accomplishments rather than seeing the failures. The weekly calls keep me on track and allow me to correct behavior when I find myself drifting back to old habits. I have learned that in order to be there for others I have to first be there for myself. 

This time together has brought so much value to my life. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to find balance, self-acceptance, and joy in every day. She is truly a blessing!”

— CG

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Nick Diego

“Amanda helped me identify habits and beliefs that were holding me back and coached me through integrating holistic and practical practices into my day-to-day that helped me move forward. She is an incredible listener and created a powerful safe space for me to work through difficult topics. After working with Amanda I’ve continued to feel stronger, more resilient and more self-aware.”

— JL

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Nick Diego

“Amanda Thibert is an incredible coach. She is smart, intuitive, compassionate, curious, trustworthy, a thoughtful listener, and offers practical, achievable, solutions.

Speaking from experience, having had many coaches and therapists, she was the one who got through and helped me dislodge some major fears and challenges.

The first session is all about listening to what her client thinks and wants to accomplish. The second session, she responds with a written purpose and outcomes for the client. Once the purpose and outcomes are agreed upon the journey begins together.

Her coaching is hopeful, useful, real, loving and generous. With her nursing background, she also introduces the mental and physical ways our bodies respond to our feelings, very beneficial.

With her knowledge, insights, follow-up and keeping the client accountable in a nonjudgmental way – it is a winning combination. I know. She helped me accomplish my goals and gave me strategies I will use for forever.

She thanks her clients for letting her into their lives and trusting her with their challenges and fears. Thank you Amanda, for your insightful caring!”

— CH

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Nick Diego

“Amanda was truly the first person in my circle of trust to break through my walls and reach me. In that coffee shop, she felt my highly tense and vulnerable energy simply asking for help. Her natural ability to not only sense others’ auras, and anxieties, specifically, but also offer a comfortable and reassuring space in which confidence and confidentiality are ensured is truly singular. Ever since that initial reckoning, through which my struggles were clearly identified, we have met regularly, about every two weeks, in person and via Google Hangouts when I am at school. In the beginning, Amanda evaluated where I was at physically, mentally, and emotionally, through verbal and energetic cues as well as self-reported questionnaires specific to anxiety. While this phase for many clients may feel intimidating, I never once felt out of my comfort zone, disempowered, or, at the worst, dehumanized to a purely medical or psychological spectacle. Amanda sees each individual with whom she works as exactly that: individual. Her capacity to recognize, validate, and bring out personal strengths within me is part of what makes our working together so rewarding and sustainable.

Since then, we have made remarkable progress on all of my concerns, as her holistic approach eliminates the possibility of any aspect being ignored or overshadowed. Specifically, I have assumed a fundamentally healthier outlook on my own nutrition, exercise, body image, and anxieties, all of which have contributed to a stronger sense of self. This transformation has allowed for physical signs of growth, such as necessary weight gain, healthier eating habits, and an overall reduction in experiences of anxiety. We have found immense value in the use of meditation and mindfulness, specifically through deep breathing, yoga, and journaling. We continue to set attainable goals and monitor my progress periodically. At this point in our working together, I feel personally accountable for my own wellbeing, which ultimately is a major goal of life coaching.

Yet what heartens me is the knowledge that our relationship is ever-growing, as we constantly learn from each other and support the other through loving kindness and open discussion. I am grateful for her keen eye and intuition, her overflowing wisdom and expertise on healthy and restorative practices, and her continued devotion to our partnership and vitality of life. She is a sincere and most powerful ally, and I thank her with my whole heart.”


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Nick Diego