“Amanda was truly the first person in my circle of trust to break through my walls and reach me. In that coffee shop, she felt my highly tense and vulnerable energy simply asking for help. Her natural ability to not only sense others’ auras, and anxieties, specifically, but also offer a comfortable and reassuring space in which confidence and confidentiality are ensured is truly singular. Ever since that initial reckoning, through which my struggles were clearly identified, we have met regularly, about every two weeks, in person and via Google Hangouts when I am at school. In the beginning, Amanda evaluated where I was at physically, mentally, and emotionally, through verbal and energetic cues as well as self-reported questionnaires specific to anxiety. While this phase for many clients may feel intimidating, I never once felt out of my comfort zone, disempowered, or, at the worst, dehumanized to a purely medical or psychological spectacle. Amanda sees each individual with whom she works as exactly that: individual. Her capacity to recognize, validate, and bring out personal strengths within me is part of what makes our working together so rewarding and sustainable.

Since then, we have made remarkable progress on all of my concerns, as her holistic approach eliminates the possibility of any aspect being ignored or overshadowed. Specifically, I have assumed a fundamentally healthier outlook on my own nutrition, exercise, body image, and anxieties, all of which have contributed to a stronger sense of self. This transformation has allowed for physical signs of growth, such as necessary weight gain, healthier eating habits, and an overall reduction in experiences of anxiety. We have found immense value in the use of meditation and mindfulness, specifically through deep breathing, yoga, and journaling. We continue to set attainable goals and monitor my progress periodically. At this point in our working together, I feel personally accountable for my own wellbeing, which ultimately is a major goal of life coaching.

Yet what heartens me is the knowledge that our relationship is ever-growing, as we constantly learn from each other and support the other through loving kindness and open discussion. I am grateful for her keen eye and intuition, her overflowing wisdom and expertise on healthy and restorative practices, and her continued devotion to our partnership and vitality of life. She is a sincere and most powerful ally, and I thank her with my whole heart.”


Nick Diego