“Amanda Thibert is an incredible coach. She is smart, intuitive, compassionate, curious, trustworthy, a thoughtful listener, and offers practical, achievable, solutions.

Speaking from experience, having had many coaches and therapists, she was the one who got through and helped me dislodge some major fears and challenges.

The first session is all about listening to what her client thinks and wants to accomplish. The second session, she responds with a written purpose and outcomes for the client. Once the purpose and outcomes are agreed upon the journey begins together.

Her coaching is hopeful, useful, real, loving and generous. With her nursing background, she also introduces the mental and physical ways our bodies respond to our feelings, very beneficial.

With her knowledge, insights, follow-up and keeping the client accountable in a nonjudgmental way – it is a winning combination. I know. She helped me accomplish my goals and gave me strategies I will use for forever.

She thanks her clients for letting her into their lives and trusting her with their challenges and fears. Thank you Amanda, for your insightful caring!”

— CH

Nick Diego