“I am a 50 year old working mother. When I met Amanda I was just coming off a surgery. I was in a unique place where I had time to think about where I was in my life. Things were very hectic - trying to balance my work, my family, my relationship with my husband, and time for myself. The interesting thing was that although I was frenzied I didn’t really know any other way. I just spent each day trudging through. I was tired and stressed and my energy (or lack thereof) was affecting the household.

One of our first exercises was to figure out where my time was going. How enlightening! I discovered that I spent far too much time on things that really weren’t crucial and the time I had left for myself and my family was last on the list and often nonexistent. After setting 90 day goals we began the work of changing my perspective and my energy which helped to change my environment. I started to make 30 minutes for myself during the day and I realized I could be so much more productive and so much more relaxed. My energy and my attitude changed the way my whole family worked together. Amanda coached me through making relatively small changes which led to large payoffs in a more relaxed and harmonious home and work life. People around me could see a noticeable change.

Working with Amanda allows me to be more present with myself and my family. I have learned to find the positive and to recognize the accomplishments rather than seeing the failures. The weekly calls keep me on track and allow me to correct behavior when I find myself drifting back to old habits. I have learned that in order to be there for others I have to first be there for myself. 

This time together has brought so much value to my life. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone looking to find balance, self-acceptance, and joy in every day. She is truly a blessing!”

— CG

Nick Diego