“When I met Amanda, I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. I felt stuck and like I was repeating the same bad habits over and over again, expecting different results. Amanda took the time to really get to know and understand me, and took several different approaches and exercises to help me truly understand myself and what I want out of specific situations in my life much deeper. She has helped me realize what I want to do as a career, and most importantly why! She has given me the tools to strengthen my communication skills, as well as learn how to effectively communicate with other people who may be very poor communicators themselves. She is the absolute best listener, coach, motivator, confidant, and teacher I could ever ask for, all wrapped into one! I feel like every aspect of my life has really prospered and developed so positively over my time working with her. I can talk to her about anything at all with absolutely no judgment, and I always walk away feeling so good like I can take on anything this crazy world throws at me. I feel like now I can think from other perspectives that I had not even known about until working with Amanda. She is such a phenomenal person with a true gift and I am so lucky and grateful to be learning all I can from her! “


Amanda Thibert